Day 8: Scar wounds

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Hello everyone, Chiyoko here! Hope all is well at home. I am in a team with Miranda and Jordyn and lately, we’ve been calling ourselves the red seas. Our team is the only 3 man team and today our group was a little shorter as Jordyn got bit by a centipede (oh no!). Yesterday, I […]

Day 7: Field Problems

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Hi its Jessenia! Today was everyones first day of field research, we started off the day with a morning meeting in the classroom. We all discussed how each team was going to set up their projects and how they were going to collect their data. My team concluded that our research is going to focus […]

Day 6: Reef Recovery

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Hi, It’s Jazmin! I’m back. Over the past couple of days, we have been doing extensive reef exploration around Kaneohe Bay. So far we have seen the health of individual reefs, the community that surrounds them and not to mention many turtles, reef fish and an octopus. Today we gathered our observations to form hypotheses […]

Day 5: Bananas on the Boat

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Hi, it’s Jordyn here! Day 5 consisted of more reef exploration to better understand what we want to do for our projects. Because of yesterdays boating problems, we had to split into two groups, one boating in the morning, and one in the afternoon. Red (my team!) and Blue Teams were the first teams to […]

Day 4: Chasing Coral Continues

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Hi my name is Haley Chasin a Bio 403 student of 2017 Today was our first field day but without collecting data. Instead we analyzed the reefs for possible questions to answer about the site for later field work. In the morning we did more with GIS to learn about how to layer rasters which […]

Day 3: Chasin laughs and learning

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It started with a beautiful sunrise over our new homes and ended with great music and a study party on our private little island. We learned so much about the GIS which is a program that allows us to see different factors in our GPS locations using our own data! We also learned about a […]

Day 2: Getting Settled

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Move in day! All the students today were on Coconut Island by 8am with all their things for the next 4 weeks. They got a chance to get settled in before beginning the morning lectures and a tour of the Island. It’s a bummer there’s construction going on where the main road is on Island, […]

Day 1: Introductions!

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Aloha all! Today marks the first day of the 2017 Bio 403: Field Problems in Marine Biology field course. The course is finally starting and there are 15 eager University of Hawaii at Manoa students that are ready to get to work! Here is where there will be a daily blog post from the students […]

Calving abundance, boat scrubbing and a bittersweet finale

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“There is an end to everything, to good things as well” (Chaucer, 1374). The morning air was filled with the scent of bacon as everyone awoke from their slumber. Cindy was busy behind the stove top cooking up the three packets of bacon that were still in the fridge. Scrambled eggs, potatoes and tofu scramble […]

Revision #362

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Revision #362! Well not really… more like revision #15 but after the last three days of nonstop data analysis and paper writing it could quite possibly be #362. Our morning started with the daily intake of at least a gallon of coffee and whatever else is left in our fridge to eat at this point. […]